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Appeal for donations for earthquake damage

Due to the severe earthquakes on February 6, 2023 and February 20, 2023 in southeastern Turkey and northwestern Syria, the FAA initiated a fundraising campaign, the proceeds of which were to be used for humanitarian purposes as well as for smaller rehabilitation projects in the old city of Aleppo. A total of 5,000 euros was raised. Of this, 1,000 euros were transferred to the association “Syrienhilfe e.V.” and 4,000 euros to the “Verein der Freunde des Museums für Islamische Kunst im Pergamonmuseum e.V.” (VFMIK), which was also able to raise its own funds. The work on site will be observed by Syrian colleagues. A report about the measures will follow soon.

We ask both the members as interested in the old town to continue to donate we will use all legal possibilities to get the money for the old town and be used there.